Why Partner With Us?

The Best Part of Opening Your Restaurant—Without Having to Open Your Own Place

Smaller risk. Bigger reward.
Start something new (almost) worry-free as you can start operating right away by leasing one of our fully-equipped commercial kitchens. 
Optimize your data. Strengthen your offering.
Make your food concept a reality, faster. Get creative and innovative, one order at a time. Leverage the data to quickly identify best-sellers and new menu item ideas.
Focus on the food. We help with the rest.
We’ll help you with the business stuff, so you can focus on the food and leverage the benefits from our food hall. Join one of THE must-eat destinations in your city!



The JC Solution

At JustCook, we want to break down barriers to make it easier for chefs to bring their concepts from a great idea to “tested and approved” by the market, faster. By joining the JustCook food halls, foodpreneurs and restaurateurs become part of one of THE must-eat destinations in their city, bringing their innovative food ideas to reality.

How difficult is it to start a new restaurant?

Ask any restaurant owner or professional chef, they will tell you it’s far from being a piece of cake. From the high start-up/upfront costs for a compliant restaurant space to the various business activities required to make the restaurant a success, the barriers to entry are high. Competition is fierce. No one can predict whether the restaurant concept will land well with customers.

A new take on an old problem

JustCook leases full commercial kitchen units in the ideal location of a food hall. With built-in technology for best chef and customer experience, no front of house required, kitchens optimized for both ordering in-person and delivery, and lower lease rates, we allow our foodpreneur partners to test ideas in the market without taking on the risk and costs of opening up a full restaurant. We also provide support for the business side of the restaurant operations such as Marketing, Technology, Human Resources and Advisory Services, so chefs can focus on what they do best: cook amazing food.

Canadian-Based Food Halls

JustCook Kitchens is a canadian-based start-up aiming to help foodpreneurs and established restaurant owners start or scale up their food-based business by leveraging technology-enabled food halls that are optimized for ordering in-person and pre-existing food delivery channels.

Our JustCook units are optimally designed for many kinds of food concepts, made to be easily used for multiple types of cooking, and built to make the ordering and delivery processes as seamless as possible.

Joining one of our food halls allows foodpreneurs and restaurateurs to become part of one of THE must-eat destinations in their city, allowing for year-long high volume foot traffic directly to their (kitchen) door.


Partner With Us